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That Time I Became Allergic to Benadryl

Hey, what's up?  Enjoying your summer?  It's been a pendulum swing between 98 degrees with 6000% humidity and 65 and raining here in Chicagoland. Climate change?  What?  Nah.

Today I'm going to change gears from my usual digestive system talk and move on over to a different thing - allergy.  In my repertoire of medical doctors is an allergist/immunologist, whom I was sent to when my gastroenterologist suspected I had eosinophilic esophagitis. 
Spoiler:  I do.
A very recent study, like last month recent, suggests that EoE is a "late manifestation of the atopic march."  The atopic march?  When did that become a thing and why does it sound kinda ominous, especially given today's political climate?
Thankfully it's simply the tendency for a person who develops some sort of an allergy to go on and develop other allergic conditions as they age.  Like a fine wine.  Typically this starts with eczema as a baby, which I have no idea if I had.  I don't think I di…