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Needs Within Relationships

When considering healthy living and lifestyles, it is important to reflect on the health of a relationship. As we grow and move through different stages of our lives, our relationship needs tend to change and shift. With this change, you are more than likely to experience a shift in actual relationships. – Have you ever lost touch with someone close to you? Have you ever felt confused why jokes your friends told you are just not as funny? Have you ever felt like as though only a certain few individuals could truly understand what you are feeling? – We begin to question our relationships as our needs change.
More specifically, when considering basic needs, we are looking at what psychoanalytic clinicians would refer to as dependency needs. These are needs within a relationship that we cannot provide for ourselves and therefore must rely on others for. We become dependent on other to fulfill our needs. You are likely to observe reliance of others during infancy (feeding, bathing, comfort…

Encouraging Self-Control to Meet Goals

We are almost two weeks into the New Year and how are everyone’s New Year Resolutions going? Upon doing some research regarding New Year Resolutions, I found some interesting information about self-control strategies that may hopefully continue to encourage everyone in holding to their resolutions this year AND encouraging those around you. For this week, we will look at how you can help others (family, children, friends) develop appropriate skills to maintain self-control. Self-discipline is not easy and it comes with a lot of hard work. With positive encouragement and appropriate modeling, you can help those around you continue to develop their own methods of self-control.
In order to be a positive support for others, you need to build a foundation of trust. If those closest to you trust your judgment and care, they will be more likely to respond to any concerns you might have on their current level of self-control. Also, be mindful that friends, family and especially children learn …