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You Should Totally Meditate

So, have you tried meditation?  Because it's AMAZING.  It's a simple and effective way to fix essentially any problem you have.  You just need to breathe and clear your mind and your issues will simply fade away.  That's all there is to it!  Just breathe and clear your mind and your issues will vanish.

Can't concentrate?  Meditate!
Got pain?  Meditate!
Falling behind at the tech office?  Meditate!
Failing your class?  Meditate!
You name it, meditation can fix it.  And it's EASY.  Just ask anyone who's tried it.
I've asked people who've tried it. Turns out it's not so easy, it doesn't fix everything, and many people give up on it too soon because they feel like they can't do it.  But if you Google "meditation benefits" you get 500 health stories about how good it is for you and how you're missing out if you don't meditate on the regular.  Yet very few of them actually get into the weeds of learning this skill.  
That's right…