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That's Probably Nothing

Ever read something on a medical test result that looked bad?  Or, at a minimum, a little suspicious and your doctor either doesn't bring it up or if you ask about it they say "oh that's nothing"?  And you're sitting there, kinda confused, kinda concerned. Why do they do that?

Since the creation of the electronic medical record, and patient portals, people have unprecedented access to their medical information.  Including reports from tests, from routine blood draws to complicated MRIs, that historically have only been seen by physicians.  Unless we specifically requested paper copies. This, combined with Dr. Google, has led to much more educated and informed patients.

*Cue old timey music*

Now kids, pull up a chair. I have a story for yuns....

People my age have one foot in pre-internet times and one in post. I first saw the internet and email in college in 1995 (Netscape Navigator, what?!)  I had an AOL account on a dial-up connection.  My first cell phone was…