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Caring for Crohn's Interview (repost)

Welcome to 2016, blog readers! Since its been a busy season for both myself and Tiffany, we are starting by reposting a wonderful interview that we did exactly three years ago back when we were new at this whole business thing. We've come a long way, but a lot of the things we talk about in this interview with our friend Rebecca at Caring for Crohn's still hold true. Thanks again for your support and spreading the word to all your chronic illness pals!  Caring for Crohn’s Interviews Oak Park  Behavioral Medicine (reposted from 1/7/13)I recently had the opportunity to ask Dr. Tiffany Taft and Stephanie Horgan ofOak Park Behavioral Medicinesome questions for Caring for Crohn’s and I am very excited to share the interview with everyone. From L to R, Dr. Tiffany Taft & Stephanie Horgan Oak Park Behavioral Medicine, located in Oak Park, Illinois, specializes in working with adults and children living with chronic medical illnesses. Dr. Taft and Stephanie are experts in the psyc…