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Yes, Insurance Covers Seeing a Therapist for Your Medical Illness

Well hey there boys and girls!  Long time, no blog.  I could get into the reasons why I fell off the wagon, but there are many and it'd be a long, drawn out story that isn't very interesting.  So instead of rehashing the past, I'd like to jump right into this post on a dry but critical topic.

Health insurance.

In the news a lot the past few months, isn't it?  That's not why I'm here.  I'm here for more pressing things like CPT codes.

I've been to a couple of conferences in the past few weeks and this has come up more than once, from both my physician peers and patient advocates:

Will insurance cover visits to a mental health clinician for issues dealing with a chronic medical illness?

The answer, Virginia, is yes.

Who the hell is Virginia?

In case you missed it, I'm a licensed clinical psychologist.  One of several types of clinicians qualified to do psychotherapy.  I hold a doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD) which means I did 5 years of graduate…