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Chronic Illness and Suicide (repost)

As part of World Suicide Prevention Day, we wanted to repost our entry from May 2013 on chronic illness and suicide. This is a tough topic to talk about but one that needs more attention since it is 100% preventable and the 10th leading cause of death for people in the United States. Our hope is that by talking about it, we can be a resource to those who are struggling. Only half of people struggling with major depression reach out for help, but treatment is 80-90% effective! Please share with your friends and loved ones and encourage them to get help. 

Chronic illness is complicated. When one is newly diagnosed, there is a challenge of learning how to explain your illness to others, and learn who to let in on your journey of ups and downs. Here are some of the common reactions we get when we see clients who are newly diagnosed with an illness, trying to navigate a world of stigma and shame. "Why would anyone want to hear about my illness? And what's the point of talking about…