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Let's Talk About Soy

Who knew a 3-letter word could be such a royal pain in the ass?

Living in the #1 state in the union when it comes to soy production (Go Illinois!) I knew it was a commonly used legume. According to the internet, and the government's website on soy production, the vast majority of soy grown in the US is consumed by animals. The next most common use, and subsequently the bane of my existence the past 2 weeks, is that it's made into oils which, in turn, are used in everything.

Ok not everything.  I have yet to run into soybean oil in a container of strawberries.  But there's still time.

As I mentioned in our 200th post, I've started a strange elimination diet in that it's not the typical six/eight food elimination diet commonly used as a treatment for eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), rather a modified version that allows fun things like dairy and eggs but excludes things like celery and apricots.  The diet is based off of skin prick allergy testing I had in May, which …