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Monday, May 11, 2015

To all the mom of kids with chronic illnesses

12:59 PM Posted by Stephanie Horgan , , ,
I wanted to send out a belated Mother's Day shout-out to all the mothers who support a child with chronic illness. In our practice, we see many different types of clients, many of whom have a physical illness. This can be something acute, temporary, chronic, or terminal. For parents who have to watch their child face an illness, it can be a very trying and scary journey. The entire family unit is affected, and it is important that there is communication and support for each member of the family. Often times the parents will need to have their own therapist so they can manage the stresses that come along with advocating and supporting their child who is suffering.
I came across an encouraging article recently that I wanted to share all the parents who walk this tough road of chronic illness with their children. No parent thinks they willy be watching their child decline physically before them. This is when support is so crucial, and there is a natural grieving process of having to watch your child go through his or her reality, and wishing you could control the outcome. Some days or seasons are easier than others, and sometimes its just good to have friends who can acknowledge the challenges you're facing. Make sure to check out this great line of new greeting cards by Emily McDowell called Empathy Cards for Chronic Illness. They are brilliant and refreshing!

Many parents find comfort in having other friends who have been through something similar, and connect with those parents in a support group or online. I am closing today wishing all the moms out there a healthy, happy year full of parenting bliss. And for the harder, more dismal moments, I wish for many nets of support around you as you go through the day-after-day of chronic illness.  Last but not least, here is a great blog entry about this topic, which includes a wonderful list of resources for parents of kids with chronic illnesses. Please be sure to check out the links!