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Thursday, July 18, 2013

We Are Type 1: A new organization to support

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For all of us with chronic illnesses, we can appreciate non-profits who are dedicated to helping those who are sick and struggling, and a new wonderful organization just popped up, called "We Are Type 1". I saw it mentioned on a good friend's social media page, and was surprised to hear from her that there are no organizations purely dedicated to Type 1 diabetes and most of the research/funding goes into Type 2 Diabetes. With about 26 million Americans with diabetes, there needs to be more support for this growing chronic illness! I was surprised to find out that only 5% of people with diabetes have Type 1, which used to be called Juvenile Diabetes. It is often diagnosed in children and adolescents, but people can live with it forever. 

This new organization hopes to build its membership and connect those with Type 1 Diabetes, and also educate and advocate for them. To meet people on the site, you need to make a profile and then you will be able to pick your age range. Categories include "12 and under", "teens", "20s", all the way up to 100+. Currently, these are listed at the organization's national legislative priorities​ if you want to support them and contact your legislators:

  • Medicare and Medicaid Type 1 Diabetic Product Coverage
  • Private Insurance Access and Coverage of Type 1 Diabetes Supplies
  • Healthcare Reform and Implementation
  • Healthcare Exchanges and Essential Health Benefits
  • Food and Drug Administration’s Biologics Regulations 
  • Comparative Effectiveness Reform​
  • Independent Payment Advisory Board Implementation 
If you need more general information about diabetes, check out the "Recently Diagnosed" page on the American Diabetes Association website. Education is key, and support is crucial. And remember, you can always lean on one of the Jonas brothers for support. (Click for a surprise!) Don't forget to reach out and utilize mental health providers like us if you need some extra tools!