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Friday, April 19, 2013

Versatile Blogger Award? What?

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When I woke up this morning....I heard a disturbing sound.  Wait, brain, stop quoting The Blues Brothers.

When I woke up this morning and checked my email I found a very pleasant note that we've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award  by our fellow-blogger, Amanda Kasper.  Check out her blog about her journey with chronic illness. This is pretty swell and a great way to kick off a weekend.  It's always nice to be recognized for the work we do, so a big thank you to Amanda for nominating us!

Part of being nominated includes us sharing 7 things about ourselves. Since it's Friday, and considering the events still unfolding in our country, I figure a little levity is in order. Here goes nothing:

1. When I was in 1st grade and we were all sitting around our teacher, Miss Zurich, as she read a story to us, I let go a rather loud fart.  Then I tried to play it off like it wasn't me and was incredibly embarrassed.  Miss Zurich gave me a hug and said that everyone toots.  

Indeed, everyone toots and nobody dies.
2. I was a vegetarian for about 17 years, until I became pregnant.  Then I craved cheeseburgers like you wouldn't believe.  I think I ate 2 or 3 a week for 37 weeks.  I should probably get my cholesterol checked.
The ONLY place in Chicago to get a burger.
3. I tend to laugh at inappropriate times.

4. My favorite movie of all time is The Blues Brothers.  I can recite the entire thing from start to finish.  Now there is some useful stuff taking up valuable real estate in my brain.

Do you see the light?
5. While in Munich in 2009, I felt compelled to keep up with a random German in full lederhosen, smoking a crooked cigar, and speaking no English, in beer drinking.  Let's just say the train ride to Frankfurt and flight home the next day were quite unpleasant.  

Now that's skill.
6. When I was growing up, we were the Griswolds.  Driving all over the country, to Mexico and Canada.  All we were missing was a wood-paneled station wagon.  I didn't go on a plane until I was 14.

Why aren't we flying?  Because getting there is half the fun!
7. My favorite quote for life is from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Wise words and something to live by:

"Only the meek get pinched, the bold survive."
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Dr. T