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Monday, November 26, 2012

NHBPM #24: More Than 24 Hours in a Day?

10:09 AM Posted by Tiffany Taft ,
First off....Jeez, our posts are all out of numerical order.  Steph and I are back from traveling this long weekend, so we're back on track to finish out the NHBPM challenge.  I do have to admit that this is bugging my OCD-tendencies for symmetry.  I'll just go line up some Skittles by color before eating them to feel better...

So, what would I do if I had more than 24 hours in a day?  I didn't think this post would be as challenging as it's turning out to be since most days I feel like life is on perpetual fast forward, especially since having my daughter.  I also wear many professional hats so I need to divide my time and attention across running our practice, seeing my clients, teaching graduate students, and being an IT consultant (yes, you read that last one correctly).  Nevertheless, I feel a Top 10 list coming on for this post.

10.  Read more books, especially in the history and biography genres.   I have a copy of Walter Isaacson's Einsten biography that I've made it to page 12 of in the past month.  I do read a lot every night, but 8 Silly Monkeys and The Monster at the End of This Book don't exactly count.

9.  Do more public speaking, especially at patient education conferences.

8.  Participate more in patient advocacy events, from local fundraisers to meeting with lawmakers in Springfield and Washington DC.

7.  Email or call my friends more regularly than I do.

6.  Become fluent in Spanish.  I can get by, but I'd love to be a bi-lingual therapist.  

5.  Learn to knit.

4.  Train for a half-ironman.  I've done RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) 8 times and have run 2 half-marathons, but have never pieced running and biking together, let alone with some swimming.  I think it'd be the ultimate challenge.  I never claimed to be sane.

3.  Start playing the clarinet again.  I haven't played much since high school, or in almost 20 years.  I'd also like to learn to play the Cello.

2.  Cook more from scratch.  In college I worked in a bakery for a while and learned to love to make fresh breads.  I have many cookbooks that are very under-utilized.

1.  Volunteer with Doctors Without Borders.