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Saturday, November 10, 2012

NHBPM #10: LOL post (belated)

2:13 PM Posted by Stephanie Horgan ,
*Sorry about the delay in this post- it was meant to be for 11/10/12, but was stuck in drafts!

When you counsel so many people with health issues that revolve around digestive problems, you get used to talking about poop. Many people in our culture find this subject taboo, embarrassing and some find it downright hilarious. Thanks to our friends at The Gutsy Generation (CCFA Canada)  we had to share some of these silly photos/someecards which made us laugh. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine!

As therapists, we use humor with caution. Each client is different with where they are in their journey and how sensitive they may be to joking about issues that are affecting them. It's a great outlet for some, and we encourage our clients find the humor in their everyday life, and share it with others, as it can decrease the stigma they may be feeling. To end this post, I'll post a few pics for other non-IBD chronic disease patients.